Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cardboard Palm from Seed

Zamia furfuracea

Photo taken by Me at the Niagara Botanical Gardens Greenhouse

So I've seen these plants in the garden centres from time to time and I've wanted one because they are so unique looking.  The leaves are so thick and rough.  Actually they look and feel fake.  So on one of my bored searches on ebay I came across seeds for this wonderful and bizarre plant.

So lets get started with planting the seeds shall we :)  ** Please note that these seeds look like peanuts but they are extremely toxic.  So Please keep these out of reach of children and pets**

First - You'll need some well draining soil.  I'm using a Cactus mix.

Next you'll need:


A Seed tray or small pots.  I'm using a self watering seed starter (these seeds can take several months to germinate so self watering helps when you forget about these on your window sill :)

Name tags

Labels and a Marker will help you remember what you planted .
You think it's silly but when it takes a few months for them to sprout you will
forget what they are :)

Check out these seeds!!  I Truly thought I was sold expensive


Now for Planting!

You want to push the seeds into the soil about the depth of the seed.   so maybe between 1/4" - 1/2" deep and then cover with soil.

Then you want to water the seeds in well and them cover them to keep the humidity in.  I have a clear lid but you might have a clear bag you can use.  The soil needs to be moist during this time, but not soaking wet.

Water them in well.

The greenhouse will keep in the humidity and stop the soil from drying out too quickly.
If it looks like there is too much humidity building up crack it open to allow air flow.

About a month after planting

Some of the seeds are starting to sprout.  OK OK,  only 2 but it's happening faster than I thought.

Here is one that really wants to grow :)

About 2 months after planting

They are growing really well.  We have some true leaves happening :)
 As you can see there are 2 larger babies and a few seeds just starting to sprout.
 Here is a new sprout.  I think so far there are 5 seeds germinating I hope to see more soon :)
Doesn't this remind you of a butterfly :)  I love it :)

Happy Growing Everyone!!

Let me know what your growing..  I love the interesting and exotic.  a challenge is always fun :)

   Bill :)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Starfish Flower in Bud

Stapelia scitula

I wanted to share this exciting news with all of you.  I bought this plant in the early spring and had it growing under my grow lights for a while.  I then got the courage to place it outside for the summer.  I had it tucked away from direct mid-day sun so that i wouldn't burn it.  I sort of forgot about this plant.  it would get watered with the rain or when i was watering my planters but i didn't look at the plant closely until yesterday.  Look at what i found :)
They are like little balloons
They are all over the stems.  

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Plumeria rubra Seedling Update

Well it's been a few weeks since we've planted the Plumeria seeds.  They are growing much better than i could have imagined.  I planted 55 seeds and 28 have sprouted!  That's great success considering I bought these seeds from EBAY.  I thought I would be lucky if only 5 would  Now I will have the issue of where will I put all of these babies over the winter time when space indoors is limited. I'm thinking of expanding my grow space in the basement but that will take some time :)

Here is a photo of all my babies.  Soon I will be transplanting them all into 4 inch pots..  Woohoo!!  My babies are growing up so fast!  Soon they will be going away to