Sunday, 3 March 2013

Medinilla Magnifica - Growing and setting Bud again

This is a flower bud looking cute
These are 2 new sets of leaves coming out.
 New leaves come out from the sides
This I think is a new leaf pair coming
from older wood
  I have not posted anything in a while.  I've been really busy recently but I'm back now..  :)  I bought a Medinilla Magnifica sometime before Christmas 2011.  It's a new plant in Canada so the care information is limited so I've been playing with it, trying to see how it grows best.  It seems to really like a bright indirect location.  room temperature is treating it well (my home is between 17 C - 21 C.  and it seems to like drying out somewhat between watering's.  That said..  It doesn't like to dry out completely.  I've let it dry out completely a few times and the growth at that time show signs of stress, they are twisted and stunted.  as long as they dry somewhat between watering's you get nice full beautiful leaves.  Right now it is putting out new leaves and flower buds. :)  Check out some photos :)
This was the plant in bloom early in 2012

These are new Flower buds