Monday, 14 October 2013

Stapelia scitula in Bloom

Starfish Flowers

The time is finally here!  The buds have started to open.  I thought the flowers would be a little bigger but they are so cute and pretty that it makes up for their small size :)  Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.  

I now have 2 other varieties of this plant family so hopefully in time you will see their blooms too!


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Additions to the Carnivorous Plant Collection

3 New Nepenthes Babies

I arrived home from work to find a wonderful surprise :)  A box containing plants!  For all of you gardeners and  Plant nuts you'll understand my excitement :)  These are a few photos of what I received.

Here they are all snug in these Travel box :)  packed very well.

N. ventricosa looks very happy.  I'll remove those black pitchers

N. faizaliana has great red colouring in the leaves.  also looks happy :)

N. fallax looks healthy as well

Here are the 3 babies potted up in there new home.  I love the colour variance between them.

Finally I put them all in a Ziploc bag to keep the humidity high so they adjust well to their new home.  They will be resting under my grow lights for a few months until I see some healthy new growth. 

Stay tuned for more updates :)