Monday, 11 February 2013

Air Plants - A New Addiction


So I have a new addiction :)  This family of plants is very interesting and quirky.  They come in many shapes and sizes, usually on the smaller side than what I'm used to growing.  I think that's why I'm so interested :)  I can grow many in a small space. 

  They are really easy to care for as long as you can follow these few simple rules:

1. Well lit location.  They prefer not to be in full afternoon sun.  They would rather be in a bright indirect location.
2.  Even though they don't grow in soil you still need to water them.  I find it easiest to toss them into my aquarium for 24 hours every week or 2.  You can mist them regularly or spray them with the hose when you water your other plants. 
3.  Make sure to provide high humidity.  You can do this by misting them regularly or resting them on a pebble tray like you might do for ferns, orchids or any other high humidity loving plants. 

   I will post some photos of my Plants..  They are still new to me but I will keep you posted as they grow.  I am not good with their names so if your an expert I would love some assistance in identifying them.  Please leave the names in the comments section :)

Plant A
Plant B
Plant C

Plant D

Plant E

Plant F


  1. I love air plants too, & your ones look great! Air plant flowers are a real gem. They're such surreal plants! Looking forward to seeing how yours grow. All the best!! :D

  2. Thanks.. I'll have updates from time to time :) i'm looking forward to seeing them develop babies :)

  3. Feeding will also help flowering & reproduction. I spray them with the hose then give them a shower of some flowering pot plant food from the watering can, at about half strength. I think one could do that every two weeks if they're growing actively.

    When I've had single plants which haven't made babies by the time the flower is forming I break off the flower to try and encourage side shoots to form.

    Are there fish in that aquariaum?? :-0 Must be quite a shock having a Tillandsia hurled into your world every so often...