Sunday, 3 February 2013

Propagating Mexican Butterwort - Pinguicula Caudate

Propagating Mexican Butterwort
Pinguicula Caudate
Leaf Cuttings

This is one of my Favorite plants right now!  My Mexican Butterwort has been a power house in my war against Fungus gnats over the winter in my home.  This particular Butterwort is a tropical variety and doesn't need a cold dormancy period and that really makes my life a whole lot easier.

This is my Butterwort when I first bought it
Notice the black specks on it :)  Those are the
Pesky Gnats.
The Butterwort has done such an Amazing job that I wanted to propagate it.  I have been reading that they grow VERY easily from leaf cuttings :)  Well I'll be the judge of  we will try this together.  I have taken lots of photos so you can follow along with me. 

         What you'll need:

  1. 1 butterwort Plant
  2. Peat Moss without fertilizer added
  3. Ziploc bag
  4. Distilled water

I've filled my pot full of Peat moss

Carefully pinch off healthy looking lower leaves from your plant.  It was easier to do than I thought.  You might need some scissors or a knife.  try not to damage the crown of the plant.  They should snap off like your taking a leaf off your African Violet.  As you can see I removed 3 leaves for this experiment :)

Then you want to poke the tips of the "stem" into the soil.  This is very similar to propagating African Violets. Make sure to support the leaf.  In this case I've used the edge of the pot.  If you were doing lots you might be able to use small stones.

Then water your plant with distilled water.  I'm using rain water (actually melted snow..  It's winter here right now).  make sure that the soil is well watered.

  Then put your finished cuttings in a Ziploc bag to hold in that humidity.  I also put a small amount of water in the bag to keep the soil from drying out.  Put them in a warm well lit spot out of direct sun.  Check back from time to time to see if the soil needs more moisture. 
  When these start to sprout I will have an update for you..  I think it will about a month for things to start showing signs of life..  but stay tuned :)

Check out my latest update video on my Butterwort plant and other carnivorous plant seedlings

Happy Growing :)



  1. OMG! This is so awesome! I can hear your joy through your words! Loved the really showcased this lovely and cool plant!

    Thanks for coming by my blog! I added you to my bloglist.


  2. LOL! They are really amazing plants... I'm glad you enjoyed the video :) it was really fun to do. Thank you for adding me to your Bloglist. i'm new to the world of blogging.. i'm a small fish in the ocean it seems at the moment. :)