Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Additions to the Carnivorous Plant Collection

3 New Nepenthes Babies

I arrived home from work to find a wonderful surprise :)  A box containing plants!  For all of you gardeners and  Plant nuts you'll understand my excitement :)  These are a few photos of what I received.

Here they are all snug in these Travel box :)  packed very well.

N. ventricosa looks very happy.  I'll remove those black pitchers

N. faizaliana has great red colouring in the leaves.  also looks happy :)

N. fallax looks healthy as well

Here are the 3 babies potted up in there new home.  I love the colour variance between them.

Finally I put them all in a Ziploc bag to keep the humidity high so they adjust well to their new home.  They will be resting under my grow lights for a few months until I see some healthy new growth. 

Stay tuned for more updates :)



  1. They are very cute. I wish them to grow healthy and big. :)

  2. Hi bill do you have a video on how u mix your soil medium for cp on your utube channel?

  3. Hello there. I just found you on YouTube in search for advice on wintering tropicals. I noticed you have carnos! Very exciting! I love my carnos! I have successfully raised several different pitchers and venus. I was hoping to share a bit of knowledge with you... I don't know where you love however, Sars a chilly winter dormacy, love full sun and can take frost to ¤20f, keep sitting on water all year even during dormacy which is usually nov.-feb. They thrive in Canadian sphagnum peet moss & hort sand! They are little hogs during the summer mnths and healthy ones will feed and fill by the end of summer to prepare for winter. Also, similar to Bird of paradise, they grow best crowded. Good luck friend and enjoy!