Saturday, 15 February 2014

Growing a Coconut Palm from Seed

In this BLOG entry we will look at the whole process I used to grow my coconut palm from seed.

What you'll need:

1 Coconut - make sure it is free of damage and when you shake it, it's still got lots of liquid inside.
1 Bucket with warm water
1 Brick or large stone (to hold the coconut under the water)
1 large Ziploc bag

In this Video you'll see the initial process of getting the coconut ready for sprouting

Roughly 1 month after we put it into the Ziploc bag we got a sprout (Please note that it might take longer - Many factors are in play).

This sprout will grow very slowly!  Like watching paint dry :)  almost 2 months after the above sprout video we are looking at this :)

The sprout will reach a point when it starts growing quickly again...  It really seems like a hurry up then wait thing :)  here is an update where we transplant the coconut seedling into a pot with soil.  If I was to do this again, I would use a better draining mix..  Perhaps more sand.

Remember that Coconuts like a well draining mix but like frequent watering.  High light,  Warm Temps and high humidity. 

  Good Luck and Happy Growing :)

  Please show me your projects on the go and your progress :)  We can all learn together :)



  1. How fun to see your seed at all stages! Very fun! I just watched all your videos! I live in zone 10, and now I see how all these buggers get going down here (it is hot and humid)!!! Great job, and can't wait to see how it goes in your home as a houseplant. :)

    1. It was fun Julie :) I didn't think it was possible to sprout one of these. The plant actually died over winter.. I couldn't provide the humidity it needed to thrive. Better luck next time :)

  2. It was fun seeing the coconut sprout! What are your thoughts on mimosa though?

  3. It was fun seeing the coconut sprout! What are your thoughts on mimosa though?

    1. do you mean the Sensitive plant? I love them.