Saturday, 12 January 2013

Amaryllis - Lets do some Math... :)

Making your Bulb Bloom when You Want

Amaryllis is one of those plants that you can have bloom whenever you want.  It just takes a little planning first.  All you need is some basic information and i will help you out :)

1. I takes between 6-8 weeks for a dormant but ready to grow bulb to produce a flower.

2. It takes about 3 Months of dormancy to set the flower bud in the bulb.

Knowing that information gives you the power to have the plant bloom whenever you want.  Lets try that math out Shall we :)

Get out your Calender you'll need it :)

So lets say that you want your bulb to bloom by Dec. 25 here's the math. 

Count back about 8 weeks from Dec. 25th...  That Brings us to Oct. 30 roughly (this is when you need to bring the bulb out of dormancy.

Now from Oct. 30 we need to count back about 3.5 months :) that brings us to the window between July 16-30th (This is when you want the bulb to go dormant to set the flower bud).

So now that you know the math you can move the date around and play with it so the plant will bloom when you want it to. middle of summer.. early spring ... Whenever! 

Just remember that you need to grow the bulb after it flowers and feed it well.  The better you look after the plant the better the flower show will be :)


  1. helpful tip...if i had twelve i could possibly have one blooming plant in every month...

    1. That's very true :) if you have space it's a great thing to try :)

  2. So with my amaryllis the flower bud did bloom. I had 3 gorgeous flowers on the one stem. However now they all have passed on and it's time for dormancy. Is it ok to prune back the leaves and the stem all the way back to about the top of the bulb? What is your suggestion? I saw in your youtube video you cut the leaves all the way back but I was unsure what to do with the stem. Please let me know! Thank you!