Sunday, 20 January 2013

Phalaenopsis Orchid - Easy and Beautiful

Phalaenopsis Orchid
Easy and Beautiful

Well to be honest I didn't know what I was going to write. I started off thinking that maybe I would talk about orchids in general but then I thought.. Hmmm, let's go through one at a time. I will only be talking about plants that I've grown an my own trials and errors. There might be some experts out there that think what I'm doing is completely wrong... But hey, I have had lots of success so it can't all be wrong right. :)


Phalaenopsis is the first plant that comes to mind if you have never tried growing orchids before.  There are so many colour variations to choose from that there is surely a colour for everyone.  It is Low light tolerant..  Actually it prefers a North of East window.  You need a bright indirect location for this one.  If you want to put this plant in a dark corner of your home you will need to think about putting a light on a timer near by :)  They grow well under artificial light.  so an office environment can also be an option.

I made an instructional video of re potting a Phalaenopsis.  also in this video i was showing off my new orchid finds.  the sale rack can be a great place to look if you have some time to wait for more flowers and you want to save a few dollars.

Watering and feeding is the last topic for this Blog :)  I will soon have an instructional video on this too just in case you don't know if your doing it right :)  All I do is put my pot into a water tight container that is around the same height as the pot containing your plant.  I then water the plant filling the container full of water (careful not to submerge the crown)  i then let the pot and plant soak for 10 or 20 minutes. Then I remove all of the water and let the plant drain fully then place the plant back to its home :)  Every few waterings I will add a 1/4 - 1/2 strength of fertilizer to the water and just follow the same process.  I like to use a fertilizer with a higher middle number as that helps promote healthy flowers.
I used to keep my Phalaenopsis on my window ledge by the kitchen sink.  There I was able to remember to water it.  also these orchids are pushed into bloom when the night temps drop about 10F. In newer homes Phal's have a harder time blooming simply because they are insulated so well.  if you keep them closer to a window you will usually get the needed fluctuation in temp to promote bloom spikes in the fall and spring. :) 
Good Luck growing your Phalaenopsis Orchids.  They are Very forgiving plants. If you have any questions or concerns about growing these plants please comment or send me a message on my PlantzNThings Facebook page and I will do my best to help you out :) 
We're all in this together :)


  1. Great video. Very useful and I'll be re-potting ours this weekend. *****

    1. That's Great... Sorry for the Late reply. How did the re potting go?