Monday, 28 January 2013

Planting Nepenthes seeds (Pitcher Plant)

Nepenthes Seeds
No luck so far but I'm hopeful :)

Hey Everyone :),

As you probably know by now that I like to challenge myself with growing new and different things.  I am in an Orchid and Carnivorous plant stage in my life.  Well for now anyways.. I have a LOT of things on the go but that's where I'm focusing right now :)

  I recently purchased some seeds from EBay for a few varieties of Nepenthes (a.k.a. Pitcher plant).  the seller I purchased from is "albermarlesounds".  Here is a photo from the the sellers page of one of the plants just as a reference if you have never seen a Pitcher plant before. 
Please note that this photo is from the sellers page and is not actually my plant.  Please check out the sellers page if you want to order some seeds like I did :)

Time to Plant my seeds

First I chose my container.  For this I chose some take out plastic food containers.  They have clear plastic lids that will keep in any humidity.  There are no drainage holes in these containers.  I chose this to keep the soil moist. 
  I filled the containers with Peat moss.  Make sure that there is no fertilizer added to the mix as it will likely kill your plants.  Then make sure to moisten the soil with rain water or distilled water.  You could also use finely chopped sphagnum moss instead of Peat moss or Heck mix it up and use a combination of both :)


Nepenthes Glabrata 

      Nepenthes Naga

 Nepenthes Maxima
Notice the large seed pod, The actual seed is that small dark bit with the threats on each end.  I spread them out evenly over the surface of the peat moss, each seed variety was given its own container so i know what is and isn't growing. With the tip of my finger I ensure that the seeds have firm contact with the soil.  I then watered them in again to really make sure that the contact was made and to add moisture to the seed and hopefully start the germination process.  Look at all the seeds sprinkled on the soil surface.  COOL!
I then put the lid on the containers and taped the labels on top with the date I planted them.

I will put them on a heat mat and make sure that they get some light.  I will keep you posted on the progress of these seeds.. My fingers are crossed that I have some success. 

Happy Growing :)



  1. how exciting!! that pitcher plant is so beautiful, I am sure yours will be just as beautiful :)crossing my fingers also lol

    1. Thank you Laura. I'm hopeful that they sprout. the germination rate is low from these seeds so my fingers and toes are crossed

  2. Hi!
    Have you had any luck germinating yet? I recently (Nov '12) started my 1st set of Nepenthes from seed, just N. ventricosa. Germination was pretty low for the amount, but they weren't the freshest either. I'm curious if this seller has a good reputation too. Starting from seed is slow, but now that I've had some practice, I'd be more willing to buy rarer seeds from ebay if I knew they were legit.

    1. Still no luck over here :( I have since gotten some more seeds from a friend... but no life yet :( I'll keep you posted :)