Sunday, 4 August 2013

Plumeria - Seed Planting

Starting the next generation of life :)

Growing seeds can be a lot of fun.  Seeing the new life emerging from the seed is exciting and rewarding, But on occasion your little babies fall and shrivel up :( causing lots of heartache.  Today we'll plant some Plumeria seeds.  They are a plant that I've grown and fallen in love with over the past few years.  I have never grown them from seed but I've been assured that it's very easy.  The only down side is that it will take a few years for the plant to grow and mature enough to flower.   Well Lets get to it :)

First lets look at what a Plumeria looks like.

These are some of the Plumerias that I'm currently growing in my garden
Picture of this Plumeria flower was Taken by Francisco

Picture of this Plumeria flower was Taken by Francisco

Pictures of these Plumeria flowers was Taken by Francisco

Now to the good stuff :)  Planting the seeds :) 

Materials we need:
  1. Plumeria Seeds
  2. A Seed starting Tray with humidity cover
  3. Soil (use your favourite brand of well draining soil)
  4. Water

Step 1.

Fill your seed tray full of soil (Make sure to break up any large clumps)

Step 2.

Figure out what end is up with your seed :)  The seed resemble those of maple trees.  for all of you fish lovers out there they also remind me of a Bata Fish :)  Check it out!

when your planting the seed you want to grab the "fish" by the tail.... Like this :)

And then you want to ram its head into the  still leaving the tail sticking out :)  Like this.
be gentle but firm. try not to break the tail :)
as you can see I have a few planted now.

Step 3.

Water in your seeds.  They want to be constantly moist but not soggy.  check on them regularly so they never dry out.

Step 4

Cover the seeds to keep in some humidity and place them in a warm spot with bright indirect light until they sprout.  growth can start in as little as one week but usually its a little longer.  Be patient :)  Here's a photo of my happy seeds in their little greenhouse :)

I will keep you updated as to when these little guys sprout :)  I will check them daily.

I would love to hear some of your seed sprouting stories :)



  1. Lovely photos & great instructions! You rock. :)

  2. Thanks :) Just a little update :) I have some seeds that are pushing up the soil now :) I'll have update photos soon i'm sure

  3. Looking good! I'm in Ottawa and have grown 5 from seed 2 years ago - still have three of them going strong, they're all about 1.5 ft tall now... Just waiting/hoping for them to branch off or give me some flowers - has not happened yet. I have high expectations for next summer, it will be year 3!

    1. Oh wow! year 3 should be the charm :) they should start branching when it produces its first inflow. do you use a super bloom fertilizer?

  4. Your kids will see the flowers of this Plumeria for sure! :D Also you have already knowledge for making children. You will be a great dad! :)

  5. Great to see we call them Frangipanni in West Australia although their botanical name is Plumeria. I have a white with yellow base and a multicoloured one 8ft tall.I grow from seeds on Sturts Desert Pea,some Abyssinian Bananas when I can get seed,we have temperate climate here in Perth and never seen snow but hot summers about 103F.I grow Jacarandas,a Poinciana Delonix a Fire Wheel Tree all from tropical Queensland and lots more .