Saturday, 31 August 2013

What's in bud now?

Here are some photos of what's in bud or in flower in my home :)  I love that i have a large variety of orchids now.  It seems like there is something always in bloom :)  That makes me VERY happy :)

Psychopsis papilio - Butterfly Orchid
Pumeria - Not sure of the variety

Zygopetalum Orchid in spike

Another photo of the Zygopetalum 

Mexican Butterwort has been flowering non stop for months..  

One of the Mini Phal's in bloom.  it's living with 2 of his best friends in a group planting :)

My Fragrant Phal is starting to spike again!  YAY  this plant always seems to want to bloom... this was a lucky 5 dollar find
This Anthurium stays in bloom for a very long time.  usually this plants bloom will last 3-5 months before they fade and die. this flower is about 2 months old,  notice the dust.  
Another Phal that really likes to bloom.  I has been in bloom for about 6 months.  it's imperfectly perfect :)


  1. Absolutely wonderful! They all look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you :) I love having blooms in the winter. It really helps with the winter blues :)

  2. Hi Bill, which did you buy the discount phal for $5?

    1. There were 4 photos of plants that I bought for 5 dallars. the Zygopetalum's, the fragrant Phal in spike and the purple/pink phal at the end. I like a good deal.